Front Panel Options

The following options are available in the Front Panel. Please refer to the dedicated sections (SDK 6 or SDK 5) to know how to define options.

Front Panel Options
Options Chapter Aim
ej.fp.project Installation Specify a local Front Panel project to avoid rebuilding VEE Port.
ej.fp.hil Classpath Run the Front Panel in the same VM as the standard mocks.
ej.fp.display.flushVisualizer Flush Visualizer Export all the frames drawn on the display and list the drawings done for each frame.
ej.fp.brs.drawnColor Drawn Region(s) Identify the drawn regions for each frame.
ej.fp.brs.restoredColor Restored Region(s) Identify the restored regions for each frame.
ej.fp.brs.dirtyColor Dirty Region(s) Identify the regions not fully filled by the drawings.