The Matrix module contains the C part of the MicroVG implementation, which manages arithmetics matrices. This module is composed of only one element: an implementation of Low-Level APIs to create and manipulate the matrices.

Functional Description

The Matrix module implements the framework of the MicroVG Matrix. It provides Low-Level APIs that manipulate the matrices: fill an identity matrix, do a translation, a rotation, or a scaling and concatenate two matrices.

A matrix is a 3x3 matrix, and its elements are encoded in float (32-bit values):

  • matrix_memory[0] = matrix[0][0];
  • matrix_memory[1] = matrix[0][1];
  • matrix_memory[2] = matrix[0][2];
  • matrix_memory[3] = matrix[1][0];
  • matrix_memory[4] = matrix[1][1];
  • matrix_memory[5] = matrix[1][2];
  • matrix_memory[6] = matrix[2][0];
  • matrix_memory[7] = matrix[2][1];
  • matrix_memory[8] = matrix[2][2];

The buffer where the matrix is encoded is stored in the Java heap.

Low-Level API

The low-level APIs that have to be implemented are listed in the header file LLVG_MATRIX_impl.h (see LLVG_MATRIX: Matrix):

MicroVG Matrix Low Level

Matrix Low-Level API

  • MicroVG library calls the BSP functions through the header file LLVG_MATRIX_impl.h.
  • The C module MicroVG provides a default implementation of this header file: LLVG_MATRIX_impl.c.
  • This file is automatically copied in the BSP project when fetching the C module during the platform build.


The MicroVG Matrix APIs are available in the class ej.microvg. Matrix.