Build an Executable

In order to build the Executable of an Application, the SDK provides the Gradle buildExecutable task. The prerequisites to use this task are:

  • The property applicationMainClass must be defined in the microej configuration block of the Gradle build file of the project. It must be set to the Full Qualified Name of the Application main class, for example:

    microej {
      applicationMainClass = "com.mycompany.Main"
  • A target VEE Port that uses an Architecture version 7.17 minimum must be defined. Refer to the Select a VEE Port page to know the different ways to provide a VEE Port for a module project.

Once these prerequisites are fulfilled, the Executable can be built:

By double-clicking on the buildExecutable task in the Gradle tasks view:


In case of Full BSP Connection, the Executable file is generated in the build/output/application folder of the project.