Kernel & Features Specification

MicroEJ Multi-Sandboxing is based on the Kernel & Features semantic (KF). It allows an application code to be split between multiples parts: the main application, called the Kernel and zero or more sandboxed applications called Features.

The Kernel part is mandatory and is assumed to be reliable, trusted and cannot be modified. If there is only one application, i.e only one main entry point that the system starts with, then this application is considered as the Kernel and called a Standalone Application. Even if there are more applications in the platform, there is still only one entry point. This entry point is the Kernel. Applications (downloaded or preinstalled) are “code extensions” (called “Features”), that are called by the Kernel. These Features are fully controlled by the Kernel: they can be installed, started, stopped and uninstalled at any time independently of the system state (particularly, a Feature never depends on an other Feature to be stopped).

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