Advanced Event Tracing


MicroEJ Core Engine allows method execution to be profiled. The following two new hooks functions are used for that:

  • LLMJVM_MONITOR_IMPL_on_invoke_method called at the start of the method invocation.
  • LLMJVM_MONITOR_IMPL_on_return_method called when returning from the invoked method.

Calling these functions each time a method is invoked will slow down the application execution, so these functions are not called by default when event tracing is enabled and started.


This feature requires Architecture version 7.17.0 or higher and is only available on MicroEJ Core Engine, not on Simulator.

To activate them, you need to follow these steps:

  • Enable and start the trace see here
  • Tell the third-party linker program to redirect all calls to LLMJVM_invoke_method and LLMJVM_return_method symbols to respectively LLMJVM_invoke_method_with_trace and LLMJVM_return_method_with_trace symbols.

Platforms using GNU LD linker

Add the following options to the LD linker command line: