Virtual Device

This chapter describes the structure of a Virtual Device.


A Virtual Device is structured as follows:

|- virtualDevice
|   |- installed-applications
|   |- javaLibs
|   |- main-application
|   |- mocks
|   |- options
|   |   |-
|   |- resources
|   |- S3
|   |- scripts
|   |   |- init-vd
|   |   |   |- vd-init.xml
|   |- tools
|   |-
|   |-
|   |-
|   |- workbenchExtension*.jar

The Virtual Device contains the Simulation part files of the VEE Port used to build it:

  • the javaLibs/ folder, that contains the Foundation Libraries which are common to MICROJVM and S3
  • the linker/ folder, that contains the Linker jar files. This folder is not embedded in the Virtual Device if an Architecture 8.0.0 is used
  • the MICROJVM/ folder, that contains the VEE Port’s files required to build a Feature file (.fo)
  • the mocks/ folder, that contains the Jar files of the mocks for Foundation Libraries
  • the resources/ folder, that contains the OS specific libraries
  • the S3/ folder, that contains the Simulator, HIL and Foundation Libraries specific to the Simulator
  • the scripts/ folder, that contains launch and initialization scripts
  • the tools/ folder
  • the workbenchExtension*.jar files

The following elements are also embedded in the Virtual Device:

  • a Kernel Application, whose WPK file is extracted in the main-application folder of the Virtual Device
  • the WPK files of pre-installed Applications that are extracted in their own folder, in the installed-applications/ folder that is empty by default


Applications can only be pre-installed in a Multi-Sandbox Virtual Device. In case of a Mono-Sandbox Virtual Device, the installed-applications/ folder is always empty.

  • the options/, that contains the properties of the VEE Port used to build the Virtual Device
  • the scripts/init-vd/vd-init.xml script, that allows to enable or not the Virtual Device. If the Virtual Device is not enabled, the Application main class specified by the user is launched on the VEE Port

You can refer to the Build a Virtual Device page to know how to build a Virtual Device.