The Bluetooth Foundation Library defines a low-level Bluetooth framework for embedded devices. It allows you to manage abstract Bluetooth connections without worrying about the native underlying Bluetooth kind.

Functional Description

The MicroEJ Application manages Bluetooth elements using Adapter/Connection/Service/Characteristic/Descriptor/etc abstraction. The Bluetooth implementation made for each MicroEJ Platform is responsible for surfacing the native Bluetooth specific behavior.


The Bluetooth Foundation Library provides a way to manage and configure Bluetooth module.



The Bluetooth Pack module must be installed in your VEE Port.

In the Platform configuration project, (-configuration suffix), add the following dependency to the module.ivy file:

<dependency org="com.microej.pack.bluetooth" name="bluetooth-pack" rev="2.2.1" />

The Platform project must be rebuilt (Platform Build).


The Bluetooth API Module must be added to the module.ivy file of the Application project:

<dependency org="ej.api" name="bluetooth" rev="2.1.1"/>