Memory Map Analyzer


When the Executable of an Application is built, a Memory Map file is generated. This file can be visualized with the Memory Map Analyzer, an Eclipse IDE plug-in. It displays the memory consumption of different features in the RAM and ROM.

Memory Map Analyzer Process

Memory Map Analyzer Process


When the Executable file of an Application has been produced, the Memory Map file is available at build/executable/application/

Retrieve Map File

Memory Map File

You can visualize it by following these steps:

Consult Full Memory

Consult Full Memory

You can select an item (or several) to show the memory used by this item(s) on the right, or select All to show the memory used by all items. This special item performs the same action as selecting all items in the list.

You can also select an item in the list, and expand it to see all symbols used by the item. This view is useful in understanding why a symbol is embedded.

Detailed view

Detailed View