Publish a Project

Publishing is the process by which the built artifacts of a module is made available to other modules or any other systems.

The requirements to publish a module are:

  • Defining the name of the module. It is set by default to the name of the module folder, and can be changed in the settings.gradle.kts file located at the root of the module, thanks to the property = "myModule"
  • Defining the group and version properties. They can be set in the build.gradle.kts file:

    group = "com.mycompany"
    version = "1.0.0"
  • Declaring a maven publication repository. This can be done in the build file for example, with:

    publishing {
        repositories {
            maven {
                name = "mavenPublish"
                url = uri("https://my.server/repository")

    Refer to the official documentation for more information on publication repositories.

Then the publication of a module to a repository is achieved by executing the publish task:

$ ./gradlew publish

The following artifacts are automatically published:

  • The main artifact, which is the JAR file for Application and Add-On Library natures.
  • The file.
  • The file.
  • The LICENSE.txt file.
  • The ASSEMBLY_EXCEPTION.txt file.
  • The Gradle module descriptor file.
  • The Ivy descriptor file (to allow SDK 5 project to fetch it).
  • The WPK file, if the project is an Application.
  • The Virtual Device, if the project is an Application.