Run on Device

The SDK allows to deploy an Application on a Device thanks to the Gradle runOnDevice task. The prerequisites of this task are:

  • The Application EntryPoint must be configured, as described in Configure a Project.
  • The target VEE Port must be defined. Refer to the Select a VEE Port page to know the different ways to provide a VEE Port for a module project.
  • The Device must be connected to the developer’s computer.
  • The configuration required by the VEE Port must be set. Refer to the VEE Port documentation to check the required configuration.

Once these prerequisites are fulfilled, the Application can be deployed on the Device:

By double-clicking on the runOnDevice task in the Gradle tasks view:



Android Studio does not allow to run multiple Gradle tasks in parallel. If you still want to execute several Gradle tasks simultaneously, you can launch them from a terminal with the Gradle Command Line Interface (CLI).

The build should be successful and the output should end with:

Execution of script '<RUN_SCRIPT_PATH>' done.

where RUN_SCRIPT_PATH is the absolute path to the run.[sh|bat] script of the VEE Port.

The Application Executable is now deployed on the Device.