VEE Porting Guide

This document explains how the core features are accessed, configured and used for creating a port of MICROEJ VEE (VEE Port) on your dedicated device. It also explains how an Application can interoperate with native code, and the details of the Architecture modules, including their APIs, error codes and options. Semantics of implemented Foundation Libraries are described in their respective chapters as well as the required Abstraction Layers APIs for porting them to different targets.

The following figure shows the overall process to obtain an Executable file to deploy on a device. The first three steps are performed within MICROEJ SDK. The remaining steps are performed within the C IDE.

Overall Build Process

Overall Build Process

The steps are as follow:

  1. Create a new VEE Port configuration project. This project describes the VEE Port to build (Architecture selection).
  2. Select which modules provided by the Architecture and Packs will be installed in the VEE Port.
  3. Build the VEE Port according to the choices made in steps 1 and 2.
  4. Build an Application against the VEE Port in order to obtain an object file to link in the BSP.
  5. Compile the BSP and link it with the Application object file that was built previously in step 4 to produce an Executable.
  6. Final step: Deploy the Executable (i.e. the binary application) onto a device.