A MicroEJ Foundation Library is a MicroEJ Core library that provides core runtime APIs or hardware-dependent functionality. A Foundation library is divided into an API and an implementation. A Foundation library API is composed of a name and a 2 digits version (e.g. EDC-1.3) and follows the semantic versioning ( specification. A Foundation Library API only contains prototypes without code. Foundation Library implementations are provided by VEE Ports. From a MicroEJ Classpath, Foundation Library APIs dependencies are automatically mapped to the associated implementations provided by the VEE Port or the Virtual Device on which the application is being executed.

A MicroEJ Add-On Library is a MicroEJ library that is implemented on top of MicroEJ Foundation Libraries (100% full Java code). A MicroEJ Add-On Library is distributed in a single JAR file, with a 3 digits version and provides its associated source code.

Foundation and Add-On Libraries are added to MicroEJ Classpath by the application developer as module dependencies (see MicroEJ Module Manager).

MicroEJ Foundation Libraries and Add-On Libraries

MicroEJ Foundation Libraries and Add-On Libraries

MicroEJ Corp. provides a large number of libraries through the MicroEJ Central Repository. To consult its libraries APIs documentation, please visit