Front Panel

FP File

XML Schema

<?xml version="1.0"?>
   xsi:schemaLocation=" .widget.xsd">

   <device name="example" skin="example-device.png">
      <ej.fp.widget.[type] x="22" y="51" [widget-attributes]/>
      <ej.fp.widget.[type] x="30" y="125" [widget-attributes]/>
      <!-- ... -->

File Specification

FP File Specification
Tag Attributes Description
frontpanel   The root element.
xmlns:xsi Invariant tag [1]
xmlns Invariant tag [2]
xsi:schemaLocation Invariant tag [3]
device   The device’s root element.
name The device’s logical name.
skin Refers to a PNG file which defines the device background.   Defines the widget to use. Refer to the widget documentation.
label All widget should provide this identifier. Sometimes it is used as string, sometimes as integer
x The widget x-coordinate.
y The widget y-coordinate.
[1]Must be  “
[2]Must be  “
[3]Must be  “ .widget.xsd