About MicroEJ

MicroEJ’s mission is to democratize virtualization and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) to the embedded world. These two technologies, widely used in computers and smartphones, radically simplifies how device software is built, from prototyping to hardware choice, by integrating simulation, systemic software reuse, modularity, agility, continuous integration, automated testing and software component update in the development process.

The virtualized environment provided by MICROEJ VEE on-device platform allows for software development on virtual devices, exact “virtual twins” of real electronic configurations. Since several configurations can be tested and evaluated within days, it is therefore much easier to build several prototypes while capitalizing on the code that has already been built as “ready-to-use” binary software assets.

MicroEJ also offers an integrated development environment, called MICROEJ SDK, which provides one of the widest ranges of standard and specialized tools and libraries, making it possible to easily develop applications implementing IoT connectivity, graphical interfaces, security, and real-time processing of data (Edge Computing).

Browse this documentation to discover MicroEJ technology, learn about application and platform development, and begin your coding journey thanks to a comprehensive range of dedicated tutorials.

For more information about MicroEJ, go to: https://www.microej.com/.