Scope and Limitations

The SDK 6 allows to:

  • Build the Java artifact of an Application and an Add-On Library.
  • Execute the tests of a project with the Simulator and on a device.
  • Execute the Artifact Checker on a project.
  • Run an Application with the Simulator.
  • Load the VEE Port from its archive file path, its folder path or a dependency.
  • Build the Executable of an Application.
  • Build the WPK of an Application.
  • Build the Feature file (.fo) of an Application.
  • Build the Virtual Device of an Application.
  • Use the Stack Trace Reader.
  • Use the Code Coverage Analyzer.
  • Use the Font Designer, Memory Map Analyzer, Heap Analyzer and Front Panel Designer tools.

Therefore, it does not support all the features of the SDK 5, especially:

  • Build of Foundation Libraries, VEE Ports or any other component type except Applications, Add-On Libraries and Mocks.
  • Launch of some MicroEJ tools, such as the Local Deploy, the Serial to Socket Transmitter or the Kernel Metadata Generator.

If you need these features, you have to use the SDK 5.