Device Information


The Device Foundation Library provides access to the device information. This includes the architecture name and a unique identifier of the device for this architecture.



Device Information is an additional module. In the platform configuration file, check Device Information to install it. When checked, the property file device/ may be defined during platform creation to customize the module.

The properties file must / can contain the following properties:

  • architecture [optional, default value is “Virtual Device”]: Defines the value returned by the ej.util.Device.getArchitecture() method on the Simulator.
  • id.length [optional]: Defines the size of the ID returned by the ej.util.Device.getId() method on the Simulator.


The Device API Module must be added to the module.ivy of the MicroEJ Application project to use the Device library.

<dependency org="ej.api" name="device" rev="1.0.2"/>