Abstraction Layer API


The MicroVG implementation for MicroEJ requires an Abstraction Layer implementation. The Abstraction Layer implementation consists of a set of header files to implement in C to target the hardware drivers.

The VG Pack’s embedded Front Panel extension implements all MicroVG features for the simulator.

Embedded VEE Port

MicroVG Abstraction Layer

MicroVG Embedded Abstraction Layer API

The specification of header files names is:

  • Name starts with LLVG_.
  • Second part’s name refers to the VG engine: MATRIX, PATH, GRADIENT, BVI (image), FONT.
  • All file’s name ends with _impl: all functions must be implemented over hardware or in software.

A master header file initializes the native Vector Graphics engine: see LLVG: VectorGraphics. All other header files and their aims are described in next VG engines chapters: Matrix, Path, Gradient, Image and Font.


MicroVG Abstraction Layer

MicroVG Simulator Abstraction Layer API

The Simulator’s five VG engines are grouped in a Front Panel extension.


The current implementation is built-in in the VG Pack and is only compatible with the i.MX RT595 MCU (see VG Pack note).