Low-Level API


The MicroVG implementation for MicroEJ requires a Low-Level implementation. The Low-Level implementation consists of a set of header files to implement in C to target the hardware drivers.

The VG Pack’s embedded Front Panel extension implements all MicroVG features for the simulator.

Embedded Platform

MicroVG Low Level

MicroVG Embedded Low-Level API

The specification of header files names is:

  • Name starts with LLVG_.
  • Second part’s name refers to the VG engine: MATRIX, PATH, GRADIENT, FONT.
  • All file’s name ends with _impl: all functions must be implemented over hardware or in software.

A master header file initializes the native Vector Graphics engine: see LLVG: VectorGraphics. All other header files and their aims are described in next VG engines chapters: Matrix, Path, Gradient and Font.


MicroVG Low Level

MicroVG Simulator Low-Level API

The Simulator’s four VG engines are grouped in a Front Panel extension.


The current implementation is built-in in the VG Pack and is only compatible with the i.MX RT595 MCU (see VG Pack note).