Architecture 7.x Migration

This chapter describes the steps to migrate a VEE Port from Architecture 7.x to Architecture 8.0.0.

As a reminder, refer to the Architecture 8.0.0 Changelog section for the complete list of changes and updates.

Update Platform Configuration Additions

Architecture 8.0.0 now directly integrates the BSP Connection mechanism. Consequently, Platform Configuration Additions files have been separated in two directories:

  • content-sdk-5: files required for building the VEE Port using SDK 5.x (MMM)
  • content-architecture-7: files required for building the Executable using Architecture 7.x.

See for more details.

Your VEE Port must be updated to remove files that are now included in Architecture 8:

  • Delete [name]-configuration/build/module/module-dropins directory.
  • Delete [name]-configuration/build/module/module-dropins.ant file.
  • Delete [name]-configuration/build/platform/platform-deploy.ant file.
  • Delete [name]-configuration/build/platform/platform-kf.ant file.
  • Download the latest content-sdk-5 directory. Your local files must be overridden.
  • Edit your module.ivy and put back your module name, version, organisation and <dependencies> content.
  • Edit your and put back your options (if they have changed from default ones).
  • Delete the following files from your [name]-configuration/dropins directory:
    • scripts/init-bsp/*
    • scripts/init-license-checker/*
    • scripts/checkOS.xml
    • scripts/deployInBSP.xml
    • scripts/deployInBSPCommon.xml
    • scripts/deployToolBSPRun*
    • scripts/fullLink*
    • tools/license-checker.jar
    • workbenchExtension-launchScriptFramework.jar
  • Rebuild your VEE Port.
  • Rebuild your Executable.

Update BSP with new Sections Names

The Core Engine sections have been renamed to respect the standard ELF convention. See Core Engine Link section for further details.

All references to section names in your BSP must be updated. This is usually only used in your linker script file, but section names are sometimes also hardcoded in the C Code. Here is an example of a GNU LD script highlighting the typical changes that must be made:

Example of LD Script File Migration

Example of LD Script File Migration

Remove LLBSP_IMPL_isInReadOnlyMemory

The LLBSP_IMPL_isInReadOnlyMemory function has been removed since it is no more called by the Core Engine. You can simply remove your implementation function.

Migrate Built-in Modules

The following built-in legacy modules have been removed from the Architecture:

  • Device

In the Platform Editor, these modules now appear in gray with Architecture 8.x:


To remove these modules, open the .platform file using a text editor and remove the following XML elements:

<group name="device"/>
<group name="ecom"/>

Migrate Device Module

The latest Device Pack available on the Central Repository is backward compatible with the built-in Architecture module.

The following dependency must be added to the module.ivy of the VEE Port configuration project:

<dependency org="com.microej.pack.device" name="device-pack" rev="1.1.1" />

Migrate ECOM-COMM Module

The Foundation Library ECOM-COMM-1.1 has been removed from Architecture 8.0.0. It is now replaced by ECOM-COMM-2.0 which is distributed in its own Pack.

There are two migration options:

  • either migrate to the latest ECOM-COMM-2.0 Pack,
  • or integrate the legacy ECOM-COMM-1.1 Pack files as-is into your VEE Port dropins directory.

Contact our support team to get the best migration strategy and detailed instructions.

Migrate Your LLKERNEL Implementation

The following code is a LLKERNEL_impl.c template for migrating your current implementation of Feature installation in RAM. This is now called In-Place Installation. Your code logic for managing allocated blocks does not need to be changed. As there is no installation in ROM, most of the new functions do not need to be implemented.

#include "LLKERNEL_impl.h"

void* LLKERNEL_IMPL_allocateWorkingBuffer(int32_t size) {
   // Paste here the code of your former 'LLKERNEL_IMPL_allocate' function

void LLKERNEL_IMPL_freeWorkingBuffer(void* chunk_address) {
   // Paste here the code of your former 'LLKERNEL_IMPL_free' function

int32_t LLKERNEL_IMPL_allocateFeature(int32_t size_ROM, int32_t size_RAM) {
   return 0;

int32_t LLKERNEL_IMPL_getAllocatedFeaturesCount(void) {
   return 0;

void LLKERNEL_IMPL_freeFeature(int32_t handle) {
   // Paste here your implementation of 'ASSERT(0)'

int32_t LLKERNEL_IMPL_getFeatureHandle(int32_t allocation_index) {
   // Paste here your implementation of 'ASSERT(0)'
   return 0;

void* LLKERNEL_IMPL_getFeatureAddressRAM(int32_t handle) {
   // Paste here your implementation of 'ASSERT(0)'
   return 0;

void* LLKERNEL_IMPL_getFeatureAddressROM(int32_t handle) {
   // Paste here your implementation of 'ASSERT(0)'
   return 0;

int32_t LLKERNEL_IMPL_copyToROM(void* dest_address_ROM, void* src_address, int32_t size) {
   // Paste here your implementation of 'ASSERT(0)'
   return 0;

int32_t LLKERNEL_IMPL_flushCopyToROM(void) {
   // Paste here your implementation of 'ASSERT(0)'
   return 0;

int32_t LLKERNEL_IMPL_onFeatureInitializationError(int32_t handle, int32_t error_code) {
   // Paste here your implementation of 'ASSERT(0)'
   return 0;

Migrate Trace C Library Usage

In Architecture 8.0.0, the Trace C library’s version has been updated from 1.0.0 to 2.0.0. This new version introduces the following backward incompatible changes:

  • C header file trace.h has been renamed into LLTRACE.h.
  • The functions declared in this header have been renamed from TRACE_xxx to LLTRACE_xxx.

If you have included trace.h in a C file, the compilation will fail with an error message similar to one of the following messages:

  • fatal error: trace.h: No such file or directory
  • Fatal Error[Pe1696]: cannot open source file "trace.h"

To fix this issue, you can either migrate to version 2.0.0 of the Trace library or provide a backward compatibility layer.

To migrate to version 2.0.0, you need to make the following changes:

  • Replace the directives #include "trace.h" with #include "LLTRACE.h".
  • Replace any references to the TRACE_xxx functions (e.g., TRACE_record_event_void) with references to the corresponding LLTRACE_xxx function (e.g., LLTRACE_record_event_void).

If you decide not to modify existing code, you can create and add to your project a trace.h file with the following content:

#ifndef TRACE_H
#define TRACE_H

 * Trace library API backward compatibility layer.
 * Allows to use Trace API 1.0.0 (Architecture 7.x) in a VEE Port
 * that includes Trace API 2.0.0 (Architecture 8.x).

#include "LLTRACE.h"

#ifdef __cplusplus
        extern "C" {

#define TRACE_start LLTRACE_start
#define TRACE_start LLTRACE_start
#define TRACE_stop LLTRACE_stop
#define TRACE_is_started LLTRACE_is_started
#define TRACE_declare_event_group LLTRACE_declare_event_group
#define TRACE_record_event_void LLTRACE_record_event_void
#define TRACE_record_event_u32 LLTRACE_record_event_u32
#define TRACE_record_event_u32x2 LLTRACE_record_event_u32x2
#define TRACE_record_event_u32x3 LLTRACE_record_event_u32x3
#define TRACE_record_event_u32x4 LLTRACE_record_event_u32x4
#define TRACE_record_event_u32x5 LLTRACE_record_event_u32x5
#define TRACE_record_event_u32x6 LLTRACE_record_event_u32x6
#define TRACE_record_event_u32x7 LLTRACE_record_event_u32x7
#define TRACE_record_event_u32x8 LLTRACE_record_event_u32x8
#define TRACE_record_event_u32x9 LLTRACE_record_event_u32x9
#define TRACE_record_event_u32x10 LLTRACE_record_event_u32x10
#define TRACE_record_event_end LLTRACE_record_event_end
#define TRACE_record_event_end_u32 LLTRACE_record_event_end_u32

#ifdef __cplusplus

#endif //TRACE_H

Migrate Legacy System Properties Files

Legacy System Properties files (* are no more supported by Architecture 8.0.0. These files must be renamed to *.properties.list files (see System Properties for more details).

To facilitate the migration, legacy System Properties files are detected by SOAR and the following error is thrown:

[M78] - System properties file [properties/] in classpath entry [...] must be renamed to [properties/].

The following modules declare legacy System Properties files in older versions. Make sure to update the module to the specified version or a newer release in your projects.

  • Pack NET version 9.4.2.
  • Add-On library eclasspath-logging version 1.2.1.
  • Testsuite FS version 3.0.7.