Build a Feature file

To build the Feature file (.fo) of an Application, the SDK provides the Gradle buildFeature task. The prerequisites to use this task are:

  • The Application EntryPoint must be configured, as described in Configure a Project.
  • A Multi-Sandbox Kernel must be defined. Refer to the Select a Kernel page to learn how to provide a Kernel for a module project.

Once these prerequisites are fulfilled, the Feature file can be built:

By double-clicking on the buildFeature task in the Gradle tasks view:



Android Studio does not allow to run multiple Gradle tasks in parallel. If you still want to execute several Gradle tasks simultaneously, you can launch them from a terminal with the Gradle Command Line Interface (CLI).

The Feature file is generated in the build/binary folder of the project.

Trigger Feature Build by Default

The Feature of an Application is not built and published by default (when launching a ./gradlew build or a ./gradlew publish for example). This default behavior can be changed by adding the produceFeatureDuringBuild() method in the microej configuration block of the Gradle build file of the project:

microej {