Manage Versioning

The SDK 5 used a specific notation for the snapshot versions. Instead of using the -SNAPSHOT prefix (e.g.,``1.0.0-SNAPSHOT``), it used the -RCxxx prefix, where xxx is the timestamp (e.g., 1.0.0-RC202212021535).

In order to be able to transition from SDK 5 to SDK 6 smoothly, it is recommended to continue to publish snapshot versions with the -RCxxx prefix. This can be done by setting the Gradle module version with the -RC prefix. For example:

version = "1.0.0-RC"

The SDK will automatically append the timestamp to the version to keep the same notation than MMM. This way, SDK 5 projects will be able to fetch modules published by the SDK 6.


You are free to use any version number notation you want, but you have to be aware that SDK 5 projects will not be able to depend on snapshot modules published without the -RCxxx prefix.