Error Messages

When an exception is thrown by the implementation of the Net API, the error message


is issued, where <messageId> meaning is defined in the next table:

Net Error Messages
Message ID Description
-2 Permission denied.
-3 Bad socket file descriptor.
-4 Host is down.
-5 Network is down.
-6 Network is unreachable.
-7 Address already in use.
-8 Connection abort.
-9 Invalid argument.
-10 Socket option not available.
-11 Socket not connected.
-12 Unsupported network address family.
-13 Connection refused.
-14 Socket already connected.
-15 Connection reset by peer.
-16 Message size to be sent is too long.
-17 Broken pipe.
-18 Connection timed out.
-19 Not enough free memory.
-20 No route to host.
-21 Unknown host.
-23 Native method not implemented.
-24 The blocking request queue is full, and a new request cannot be added now.
-25 Network not initialized.
-255 Unknown error.