SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) library provides APIs to create and establish an encrypted connection between a server and a client. It implements the standard SSL/TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol that manages client or server authentication and encrypted communication. Mutual authentication is supported since SSL API 2.1.0.

Functional Description

The SSL/TLS process includes two sub-protocols :

  • Handshake protocol: consists that a server presents its digital certificate to the client to authenticate the server’s identity. The authentication process uses public-key encryption to validate the digital certificate and confirm that a server is in fact the server it claims to be.
  • Record protocol: after the server authentication, the client and the server establish cipher settings to encrypt the information they exchange. This provides data confidentiality and integrity.



The Net Pack bundles several libraries: Net, SSL & Security.

Refer to the chapter Pack Import to integrate a specific version of the Net Pack:

    <dependency org="" name="net-pack" rev="11.0.2"/>

Then, using the VEE Port Editor (see Platform Module Configuration), enable the SSL library (API, Impl & Mock):

Net Pack Modules

Net Pack Modules


The SSL API module must be added to the module.ivy of the MicroEJ Application project to use the SSL library.

<dependency org="ej.api" name="ssl" rev="2.2.3"/>