Development Tools

MicroEJ provides a number of tools to assist with various aspects of development. These tools are either command line tools or Eclipse IDE plugins.

Command line tools

Command line tools can be executed using the gradle task execTool.

The format of the task is as follow:

./gradlew execTool --name=TOOL_NAME --toolProperty="PROPERTY=VALUE" --toolProperty="PROPERTY=VALUE" ...

The parameter required --name is used to describe the name of the tool to execute. The optional parameters --toolProperty are used to configure the tool’s options.

In addition, the tool’s options can be defined in configuration/tools/

The following sections describe the command line tools and their options:

IDE tools

Eclipse IDE tools are graphical tools which are available as Eclipse plugins: Memory Map Analyzer, Heap Analyzer and Font Designer.

Follow these steps to install the latest stable version of these tools:

  • Install Eclipse IDE for Java Developers - Minimum supported version is 2022-03.
  • In Eclipse, go to Help > Eclipse Marketplace….
  • In the Find field, type MicroEJ Tools, then press Enter.
  • Click on the Install button of the MicroEJ Tools plugin.
  • Accept the license, then click on the Finish button.
  • In the upcoming Trust Artifacts window, check the Unsigned item and click on Trust Selected button.
Eclipse Plugin Installation - Trust Artifacts

Eclipse Plugin Installation - Trust Artifacts

  • In the upcoming window, click on the Restart Now button.

The following sections describe the IDE tools and their options: