MicroEJ Packs


On top of a MicroEJ Architecture can be imported MicroEJ Packs which provide additional features such as:

Each MicroEJ Pack is optional and can be selected on demand during the MicroEJ Platform configuration step.

Naming Convention

MicroEJ Packs are distributed in two packages:

See Pack Import for usage.

Architecture Specific Pack

MicroEJ Architecture Specific Packs contain compiled libraries archives and are thus dependent on the MicroEJ Architecture and toolchain used in the MicroEJ Platform.

MicroEJ Architecture Specific Packs files ends with the .xpfp extension and are classified using the following naming convention:

  • ISA: instruction set architecture (e.g. CM4 for Arm® Cortex®-M4, ESP32 for Espressif ESP32, …).
  • TOOLCHAIN: C compilation toolchain (e.g. CM4hardfp_GCC48).
  • UID: Architecture unique ID (e.g. flopi4G25).
  • NAME: pack name (e.g. ui).
  • VERSION: pack version (e.g. 13.0.4).

For example, MicroEJ Architecture Specific Pack UI versions for Arm® Cortex®-M4 microcontrollers compiled with GNU CC toolchain are available at https://repository.microej.com/modules/com/microej/architecture/CM4/CM4hardfp_GCC48/flopi4G25-ui-pack/.

Generic Pack

MicroEJ Generic Packs can be imported on top of any MicroEJ Architecture.

They are classified using the following naming convention:

  • NAME: pack name (e.g. bluetooth).
  • VERSION: pack version (e.g. 2.1.0).

For example, MicroEJ Generic Pack Bluetooth versions are available at https://repository.microej.com/modules/com/microej/pack/bluetooth/bluetooth-pack/.

Legacy Generic Pack

Legacy MicroEJ Generic Packs files end with the .xpfp extension. These Packs contain one or more Platform modules. See Platform Module Configuration for their configuration. They are classified using the following naming convention:

  • NAME: pack name (e.g. net).
  • VERSION: pack version (e.g. 9.2.3).

For example, the Legacy MicroEJ Generic Pack NET version 9.2.3 is available at https://repository.microej.com/modules/com/microej/pack/net/9.2.3/net-9.2.3.xpfp.