Error Messages

When an exception is thrown by the implementation of the MicroUI API, the exception MicroUIException with the error message MicroUI:E=<messageId> is issued, where the meaning of <messageId> is defined in following table:

MicroUI Error Messages
Message ID Description
1 Another EventGenerator cannot be added into the system pool (max 254).
0 [VEE Port issue] Result of MicroUI static initialization step seems invalid: MicroUI cannot start. Fix MicroUI static initialization step and rebuild the VEE Port.
-1 MicroUI is not started; call MicroUI.start() before using a MicroUI API.
-2 [Warning] Event generator specified during MicroUI static initialization step is not available in the application classpath.
-3 Deadlock. Cannot wait for an event in the same thread that runs events. Display.waitFlushCompleted() must not be called in the MicroUI thread (for example in render method).
-4 Resource’s path must be relative to the classpath (start with ‘/’) or resource is not available.
-5 The resource data cannot be read for unknown reason.
-6 The resource has been closed and cannot be used anymore.
-7 Out of memory. Not enough memory to allocate the Image’s buffer. Try to close some useless images and retry opening the new image, or increase the size of the MicroUI images heap.
-8 The VEE Port cannot decode this kind of image (the required runtime image decoder is not available in the VEE Port).
This exception is thrown when the FIFO of the internal MicroUI thread is full. In this case, no more event (such as requestRender, input events, etc.) can be added into it.
Most of time this error occurs when:
- There is a user thread which performs too many calls to the method requestRender without waiting for the end of the previous drawing.
- Too many input events are pushed from an input driver to the MicroUI thread (for example some touch events).
-10 There is no display on the VEE Port.
-11 There is no font (VEE Port and application).
-12 The maximum number of event generators in the pool (254) has been reached.