MicroEJ Editions


MicroEJ offers a comprehensive toolset to build the embedded software of a device. The toolset covers two levels in device software development:

  • MicroEJ SDK for device firmware development
  • MicroEJ Studio for application development

The firmware will generally be produced by the device OEM, it includes all device drivers and a specific set of MicroEJ functionalities useful for application developers targeting this device.

MicroEJ Development Tools Overview

MicroEJ Development Tools Overview

Using the MicroEJ SDK tool, a firmware developer will produce two versions of the MicroEJ binary, each one able to run applications created with the MicroEJ Studio tool:

  • A MicroEJ Firmware binary to be flashed on OEM devices;
  • A Virtual Device which will be used as a device simulator by application developers.

Using the MicroEJ Studio tool, an application developer will be able to:

  • Import Virtual Devices matching his target hardware in order to develop and test applications on the Simulator;
  • Deploy the application locally on an hardware device equipped with the MicroEJ Firmware;
  • Package and publish the application on a MicroEJ Forge Instance, enabling remote end users to install it on their devices. For more information about MicroEJ Forge, please consult https://www.microej.com/product/forge.

Determine the MicroEJ Studio/SDK Version

In MicroEJ Studio/SDK, go to Help > About MicroEJ SDK menu.

In case of MicroEJ SDK 4.1.x, the MicroEJ SDK version is directly displayed, such as 4.1.5:

MicroEJ SDK 4.x About Window

In case of MicroEJ SDK 5.x, the value displayed is the MicroEJ SDK distribution, such as 19.05 or 20.07:

MicroEJ SDK Distribution About Window

To retrieve the MicroEJ SDK version that is currently installed in this distribution, proceed with the following steps:

  • Click on the Installation Details button,
  • Click on the Installed Software tab,
  • Retrieve the version of entry named MicroEJ SDK (or MicroEJ Studio).
MicroEJ SDK Distribution Installation Details Window