Creating Widgets

  • To create a widget, we need to create a class that extends the Widget superclass.
  • In this example, we are going to create a simple progress bar.
  • So create a MyProgressBarWidget class extending Widget.


The computeContentOptimalSize() and renderContent() methods must be overridden:

public class MyProgressBarWidget extends Widget {
   protected void computeContentOptimalSize(Size size) {
      // TODO Auto-generated method stub

   protected void renderContent(GraphicsContext g, int contentWidth, int contentHeight) {
      // TODO Auto-generated method stub

Setting Up

  • Let’s use a progress bar with a fixed size:

    protected void computeContentOptimalSize(Size size) {
  • Then, let’s create the progress bar, first, it is important to add a progress value:

    private float progressValue;
  • Now, let’s render the progress bar:

    protected void renderContent(GraphicsContext g, int contentWidth, int contentHeight) {
       // Draws the remaining bar: a 1 px thick grey line, with 1px of fading.
       int halfHeight = contentHeight / 2;
       ShapePainter.drawThickFadedLine(g, 0, halfHeight, contentWidth, halfHeight, 1, 1, Cap.ROUNDED, Cap.ROUNDED);
       // Draws the progress bar: a 3 px thick blue line, with 1px of fading.
       int barWidth = (int) (contentWidth * this.progressValue);
       ShapePainter.drawThickFadedLine(g, 0, halfHeight, barWidth, halfHeight, 3, 1, Cap.ROUNDED, Cap.ROUNDED);
  • Finally, let’s create a method to set the progress on the progress bar:

    public void setProgress(float progress) {
       this.progressValue = progress;

Using with Animator

  • Using the code made in the previous Animation tutorial, doing the modifications below, it is now possible to see the progress bar animated:

    public static void main(String[] args) {
       Desktop desktop = new Desktop();
       final MyProgressBarWidget progressBar = new MyProgressBarWidget();
       Flow flow = new Flow(LayoutOrientation.VERTICAL);
       Animation progressBarAnimation = new Animation() {
          float progress;
          public boolean tick(long currentTimeMillis) {
             this.progress += 0.001f;
             return true;
       Animator animator = desktop.getAnimator();

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