Application Publication

Build the WPK

When the application is ready for deployment, the last step in MicroEJ Studio is to create the WPK (Wadapps PacKage) file that is intended to be published on a MicroEJ Forge instance for end users.

In MicroEJ Studio, right-click on the Sandboxed Application project name and select Build Module.

The WPK build process will display messages in MicroEJ console, ending up the following message:

[echo] project hello published locally with version 0.1.0-RC201907091602


Total time: 1 minute 6 seconds

The WPK file produced by the build process is located in a dedicated target~/artifacts folder in the project and is published to the target module repository declared in MicroEJ Module Manager settings file.

The module repository can be a MicroEJ Forge instance.