MicroEJ Central Repository


The MicroEJ Central Repository is the module repository distributed and maintained by MicroEJ Corp. It contains Foundation Library APIs and numerous Add-On Libraries.


By default, MicroEJ SDK is configured to connect online MicroEJ Central Repository. The MicroEJ Central Repository can be downloaded locally for offline use. Please follow the steps described at https://developer.microej.com/central-repository/.

You can also manually browse the repository at https://repository.microej.com/modules/.

Content Organization

The following table describes how are organized the modules natures within the repository.

MicroEJ Central Repository Organization
Organization Module Nature
ej.api, com.microej.api Foundation Library API
com.microej.architecture MicroEJ Architecture
com.microej.pack MicroEJ Pack
ej.tool, com.microej.tool Tool or Add-On processor
Any other Add-On Library


To consult the APIs documentation (Javadoc) of all libraries available in the repository, please visit https://repository.microej.com/javadoc/microej_5.x/apis/.