Platform Qualification


Platform Qualification is the process of validating implementations of Low Level APIs provided by a Platform connected to a custom Board Support Package.

Such validation is performed by running tests at two-levels:

  • In C, by calling Low Level APIs (usually manually).
  • In Java, by calling Foundation Library APIs (usually automatically using Platform Test Suite).

MicroEJ provides a set of tools and pre-defined projects aimed at simplifying the steps for validating Platforms. Please refer to

Platform Test Suite

The purpose of a MicroEJ Platform Test Suite is to validate an implementation of a Low Level API by automatically running Java tests on the device.

The Test Suite Engine is used for building, running a Test Suite, and providing a report.

A Platform Test Suite contains one or more tests. For each test, the Test Suite Engine will:

  1. Build a MicroEJ Firmware for the test.
  2. Program the MicroEJ Firmware onto the device.
  3. Retrieve the execution traces.
  4. Analyze the traces to determine whether the test has PASSED or FAILED.
  5. Append the result to the Test Report.
  6. Repeat until all tests of the Test Suite have been executed.
Platform Test Suite on Device Overview

Platform Test Suite on Device Overview