Introducing MicroEJ Studio and Virtual Devices

MicroEJ Studio provides tools based on Eclipse to develop software applications for MicroEJ-ready devices. MicroEJ Studio allows application developers to write MicroEJ Applications, run them on a virtual (simulated) or real device, and publish them to a MicroEJ Forge instance.

This document is an introduction to application development with MicroEJ Studio. The purpose of MicroEJ Studio is to develop for targeted MCU/MPU computers (IoT, wearable, etc.) and it is therefore a cross-development tool.

Unlike standard low-level cross-development tools, MicroEJ Studio offers unique services like hardware simulation, deployment to the target hardware and final publication to a MicroEJ Forge instance.

Application development is based on the following elements:

  • MicroEJ Studio, the integrated development environment for writing applications. It is based on Eclipse and relies on the integrated Java compiler (JDT). It also provides a dependency manager for managing MicroEJ Libraries (see MicroEJ Module Manager). The current distribution of MicroEJ Studio (19.05) is built on top of Eclipse Oxygen (

  • MicroEJ Virtual Device, a software package including the resources and tools required for building and testing an application for a specific MicroEJ-ready device. A Virtual Device will simulate all capabilities of the corresponding hardware board:

    • Computation and Memory,
    • Communication channels (e.g. Network, USB …),
    • Display,
    • User interaction.

    Virtual Devices are imported into MicroEJ Studio within a local folder called MicroEJ Repository. Once a Virtual Device is imported, an application can be launched and tested on Simulator. It also provides a mean to locally deploy the application on a MicroEJ-ready device.

  • MicroEJ-ready device, a hardware device that has been previously programmed with a MicroEJ Firmware. A MicroEJ Firmware is a binary instance of MicroEJ runtime for a target hardware board. MicroEJ-ready devices are built using MicroEJ SDK. MicroEJ Virtual Devices and MicroEJ Firmwares share the same version (there is a 1:1 mapping).

The following figure gives an overview of MicroEJ Studio possibilities:

MicroEJ Application Development Overview

MicroEJ Application Development Overview